DOFF Cleaning services


Cleaning masterpiece

We use an innovative steam cleaning system called the DOFF. It reaches temperatures of 150°c and removes all kinds of Moss, algae, fungi and any other biological matters including spores. The DOFF cleans masonry and stonework using its high temperature system with a low volume of water gently and safely insuring no damage to the original surface.


Revolutionary machine

The state of the art machine is approved by the British stone health and we are accredited users. It's a very versatile machine that can work with temperatures of up to 130°c at high pressure or for more delicate projects the pressure can be low. It's used across the country as the go to machine in cleaning and revival of older stone and masonry.


Healthy environment

It's an environmentally friendly tool that uses minimal water to complete any task. Fragile surroundings need not to worry as the accurate nozels and skilled Labour take care at every moment 

Cleaning and resoration services

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